Home Ownership 101

Everything you need to know to prepare to purchase your home!

I'm 35 and I've Purchased 4 HOMES!

I purchased my first home at 24 and lost it in short sell! For those that don't know what a short sell is, it's a way to quickly sell your home before the bank forecloses on the property!

I was SO eager to buy my first home because I knew that Home Ownership wasn't something that many of my family members had accomplished but it was something that is considered a goal + accomplishment in my family. As a Generational Curse Breaker straight out of undergrad, I wanted to accomplish that goal quickly and I did!

I lost my job shortly after buying my first house. If you know my testimony you'll know this is also around the time my marriage was in turmoil. I literally LOST EVERYTHING! My home, car, job, peace and the list goes on!

I use to think to myself, if only I had someone to teach me about my real life goals. But there wasn't anyone because I'm the CURSE BREAKER!

You would think a dramatic season like that would have taken me out but it actually did the exact opposite. It took me a minute and a lot of work but I was committed to rebuilding my life. I realized my losses were really just for a season. It wasn't the end. I decided to take control and fight for my abundance!

With that said, it fueled me like never before. I downsized to an apartment, worked on my marriage, worked on my finances, launched my business, built my credit, and flat out became unstoppable!

Here I am years later and just purchased my 4th home this week! My goal over the next 2 years is to purchase another investment property! LOOK AT GOD!

People talk about home ownership and how it's an accomplishment BUT no one really educates us on how to what to look for, how to find the right property, purchasing new vs old, loans, realtors, and the list goes on! Sometimes realtors and loan officers won't tell you everything because they simply want to get the deal done so they can get paid and once you get in the house and sign those papers, they've not obligated to help you! You're STUCK!

Through GOD + GOALS, I'm committed to sharing my mistakes, setbacks, lessons, losses + wins with others in order to help others WIN!

Over the next few months, I'll be teaching courses on FAITH + FINANCES along with HOME OWNERSHIP! It's so important for us to position ourselves to live our dreams instead of living paycheck to paycheck and in mediocrity! It's also important to learn to tools to build the right way and be able to position ourselves and our kids for generational wealth!

I'll be sharing a TON of info to prepare YOU for Home Ownership especially for those who are looking to purchase in 2020 or the next few years!


I look forward to working with you!

Note: The New Course Date is SUNDAY, January 26th at 7pm EST!

Your Instructor

Crystal Perkins
Crystal Perkins

Hey! Hey! Hey! It's Crystal! Your NEW Coach!

"Manifesting All Day Everyday"

My alter ego is Crysssss!! I absolutely love all things GOD, Family, Lifestyle, + Business! My friends call me a Master Manifester! I truly believe in identifying + activating the power within to manifest every desire of your heart.

As a Servant, Wife, Mom, Entrepreneur, and Life + Business Coach, I’ve mastered the art of manifesting my greatest desires in life, family, and business. I’m a true believer that GOD wants us to experience abundant living in every entity of everyday life. Not limited to money. But abundance in peace, love, light, positivity, mental health, and the list goes on!

As your Coach, I promise to show up and give you 100%! I will provide you with the support, strategies, knowledge, and wisdom needed to grow and evolve. I will you push, hold you accountable. and give you the tools needed to truly MANIFEST!

Stop second guessing rather abundant living is for you, it IS!




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