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Why I Chose Self Care over Success

Heyyyy GOAL Friends! I pray each of you are having an AMAZING day thus far! As we're getting closer to a New Year for GOAL Setting I wanted to share a few decisions that I made this 4th quarter that have blessed my life tremendously! Many of you know that I own two businesses and I'm a Life +...


I'm 35 and I've purchased FOUR Homes!

Heyyyyyy Everyone! I pray you're all having an AMAZING day! As you know through GOD + GOALS, our overall purpose to help positions others to WIN + LIVE the Abundant Life that GOD promised us all! I want to chat with you today about HOME OWNERSHIP! I purchased my first home at 24 and lost it...


Hard Work is NOT the Key to Success! Here's THREE tips to Help Change Your Life + Circumstances!

Hey Guys! So I wanted to share some things that GOD placed on my heart this morning regarding success! It was too much to type so click the video below to watch the LIVE replay! I pray it blesses you! Feel free to comment below if you have any questions! CLICK HERE to Join Life + Business...


FIVE Mistakes You're Making in Your Apparel Company or Boutique!

Hey Guys! I wanted to share a few mistakes that are causing many apparel companies + boutique owners to leave money on the table! 1. You're not investing in content and branding. Many people are using the placement apps to post their t-shirts on mock models. It's a quick simple way to post...


The Power of Manifestation!

GOD is REAL‼️ This post reminded me that EVERYTHING I’ve spoken has Manifested and I’ve Done EVERYTHING that I said I would do! ✔️Worked for myself full-time before Kennedy started kindergarten✔️Opened my first store within a year!✔️Relocated to Atlanta.✔️Opened another store.✔️Had my first...